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2002-12-27 17:49:54 (UTC)

Love is like a deadly disease........

I've just got rejected! it's not a good feeling but at least
my exhausted spirit can be rested... i've been trying to
capture the heart of a wonderful girl but it seems that we
are not fated to be together... At least for now or maybe
forever..... Even worse was that i've found that a friend
i've treasured so long also has a thing for her....
Recalling the days where we were so happy together, it hurts
when someone you treasure so much wasn't really actually
wanting to have fun but just hoping to get more information
from you about the girl..... He wasn't obvious until last
week when the fox in disguise finally revealed out it's wily
tail... Many things done unseen by me..... A smart mind
always grasp things done against me..... I can't blame him
cause love cannot be controlled but why not have a fair
duel? She rejected me for coming at the wrong time..... but
is that the true reason??? i shouldn't doubt her if i love
her.... but my wondering mind just can't stop thinking: what
if she likes him??? My mind tells me to just let it go
but.... my heart fails me... It's painful when you know and
yet you can't control it... If she really does.... i really
don't know what to do but just let it go....... this feeling
is not amiable... But nonetheless my weary self has got to
tide thru this like a man of pride and honour...... Come
wee..... HAve more confidence in yourself