The days of my life
2001-09-03 16:47:11 (UTC)

an awful day

Ok, yep I really do just want to die. I am tired and I
don't want to go to work. I seriously hate that place. My
stomach is in knots knowing that I havet to go in. I just
don't want to do it. I feel extremely sick inside. I don't
know what I need for help but I need something. I spent
most of yesterday crying. I don't know if it was all
completely work or what, but the fake smile and pretending
everything is ok is now over. Everything is not ok and I
don't know how to make it that way again. plus I can't find
my therapists number... I need to go back again. I guess I
will just have to dig for her number it has to be
somewhere. well, fuck, I suppose i should be going gotta
get ready for work. till tomorrow.