What's the point!
2001-09-03 16:38:39 (UTC)

Lost in a thought of you!

I lay in my bed as the light fades outside the window,
The thought of you out there keeps me still,
Still in thought lost in a moment,
the moment grows close.

The light goes out, my eyes still open,
The vision of you lays in my head.
I hear you......I feel you.......I need you forever.

When I think the day moves closer i can see you.
I have a perfect picture how it will be,
I know I'm close because it seems so perfect,
I just lay there in a thought of you.

Theres no doubt my body and my mind are calling for you,
I am just sooo filled with the thought of you,
And now I know what happieness is all about,
It lives for you........breaths for you........

The light goes out the picture slowly fades,
But not for long your vision still lays in my head,
I see you in my dreams......I feel you....I have you

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