champagne supernova
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2002-12-27 14:16:26 (UTC)

the E.T. has his finger up his a**

well to explain my title... boyfriend bought a
poseable e.t. from toys-r-us that is staring at me from the
side of the computer screen..and yes... my boyfriend did
make him shove his finger up his tukis.... ah yes... the
twisted mind of bobby..its strange ..but i love it none the
anywho... so yesterday his dad and step-mom drove up
from south carolina to come see us. it was pretty cool! we
followed them to their hotel and went inside casue they had
a couple of presents for bobby to open...(his dad lives in
s.c.) he got some cool stuff! a new amp....some undies.. a
jacket...a shirt... some microphone thing for his computer
and a victorias secret gift certificate...OH! no wait!!
ha! they got that for me.. ..yea they got me
a 25$ certificate for the secret of victoria... pretty
sweet... they took us out to lunch and i had the best
sandwhich i think i've ever jk... it was nice i
got to talk to them a bit and see how bobby was around
them.. i loved it and they were very nice people. after
that . they tok us out to a movie..we saw ..well as bobbys
dad would say it .... "the hut chick" . lol...(he's got a
bostonian accent) it was great .. the movie was
pretty funny..
and i had a damn good time . so i ve got 5 more days
left over here to freeze my ass off and im going to do just
that... and i'm sure bobby wont with his new "hooters" t-
shirt that his dad got him for christmas!! agguuhhhhh!!
lol i dont mind... its all in good fun..anyways he's
having a ive got to go..ill tell more later!
love ya'll!!