Ashes to Ashes

The Life and Times of a Teenage Girl
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2001-09-03 15:47:30 (UTC)

Bad News

well i heard from my cousin yesterday. ya know adele in
colorado. gave me reeally horrible news. Howie passed away
saturday. the connection howie and i had was unbelievable.
a 29 year old man melted in tears in the presence of a 15
year old girl. the crazy thing was i always found a way to
cheer him up and he always made me feel important. like
they say "ashes to ashes we all fall down". i have
expirienced many tragedies in my 15 years of being but i
only new howie for 5 weeks and he made a lage impact on my
life. even though he put adele and i through hell wih all
his lie and bull shit he ne ver deserved that. they say it
was a drug overdose but the autopsy will say for sure. when
i was leaving to come home to missouri. i said to howie "i
will never forget you , because i don't think i will ever
see you again". i didn't think god was trying to prepare me
forhis death. i guess i 'll just add him to the list.