Angelic Syn

Life of an fallen Angel((A role playing
2001-09-03 15:20:49 (UTC)

Confused as all hell

::She grabs her diary and a pen then begins to write::

Its been awhile...Im so lost...Lucky came back and
all those old feelings rushed back...He dun trust meh so
its gonna be hard..Then theres dalton my sweet dalton..I
dunno what to do..I was pregnant...But Igot into a fight
and she killed the baby...The mofo stabbed my gut and the
baby died..I went to RhyDins best hospital, but there was
nothing they could do for me or the baby..I dont think Im
even gonna tell Dalton about the baby at all..Sonias not
speaking to me..I dont know why..I miss her shes my
bestfriend..I love her and I miss her lots..Im gonna go see
her later I think..Monas got herself alittle boyfriend..Its
cute..But being meh Im all protective..I cant loose her
too..Well..The girl that killed my baby is dead...Needless
to say I decapitated her..Well..Im gonna go shower and go
see sonia...


::Closes the diary and runs out of the room::