Jena's Rants
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2001-09-03 14:59:33 (UTC)

death of a season and hello sweaters

oh can i tell you how absolutely wonderful it is to
experience this cool happiness we call the arrival of
autumn. happiness, oh to wear warm fuzzy sweaters again!
soon it will be winter and i can hit the slopes and risk my
life once more in the pursuit of AIR! there is nothing
better than a day of snowboarding followed by, uhh...i
dunno. there is nothing better than a day of
snowboarding. i am getting all antsy for it. my hoppy is
not fairing well, his allergic reaction has gotten worse.
i talked to my danceswithchimps this morning. there is
something i find so gloriously hillarious about the
conversations he has with the lil wifey. they are so
fake. you can hear the sarcasm in everything he says to
her. by the way someone should defintely pull them out of
the awful country music crap they listen to. perhaps i can
help. anyhoo, heard that king herbage is off in ny right
now. i sure do miss him, if he fucking reads this he needs
to pick up a goddamn phone and tell me what parties he has
been to and have a really good fucking excuse for why he
has not written me. well, i think i may go pull hoppy out
of bed now. perhaps start his day. oh and check and see
if my site is up yet. i emailed those goddamned nazi's
yesterday and they still haven't gotten back to me on it.
uhhh.......letter bomb over the internet. if only it were