Lizzy Kitty

Diary for the broken hearted
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2001-09-03 14:55:30 (UTC)

Broken Heart, Shattered Dreams

We've lost... Jamie won't even tell anyone we've been
chatting... I tell her so damn much... Like last night I
went over a session with my psychiatrist... yes... I now go
to one who hates me & bugs me & most likely wishes I was in
the hospital so she'd make 6K more... All I want is a
normal life... To actually give up the magic... The Crew
isn't what it use to be... once happy faces & are sullen &
almost deathly. I lost my only friend to a stupid person
who stole him... My only true friend who really cared about
who I was & listened to me. Now I have a bunch of human
beings around who only pretend to listen then think I'm
crazy... To them I say... "Who Cares" & to one man's age
old question of "is it to be or not to be? that is the
question" I now reply "Tis not to be... That is the final
answer" I surrender myself to whatever may come... I said
in my info page that "when I say I give up it usually means
I'm cming back stronger" well I have no strength left... I
made a final desperate cry for help & it was ignored. &
it's early in the morning here, not even close to noon &
this is how my day starts off... How every day starts off &
tomorrow I will smile & laugh when Nicole makes a joke or
does her Lizzy Kitty impression in 6th Hour... but on the
inside I will be sobbing & dying... The burden I hold in my
heart is too much...

=Broken heart, Shattered Dreams=

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