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2002-12-27 06:41:26 (UTC)

Just The Way It Goes

So I've been training this new guy at work. The only guy
on the registers. He's really cool and I like him alot.
He's smart, funny, cute, sweet and fun to talk to. He used
animatronic in a sentance and it was used properly! But
the inevitable...he is attached. Of course. *sigh* The
first guy who comes along who I think (of course think is
the operative word here) likes me as I like him, and who
is not a million miles away, and he has a girlfriend. I
was crushed. There was just...something there. I don't
know what. But hopes were dashed. Mine, as usual.

I came home after work and wasn't in the greatest mood. So
I was cajoled into going out with Nicole. We went to a
video store that rents movies that you can't get elsewhere
and then we went to a bar and played pool. Just the two of
us. And had a phenomenally good time. And I realized that
all I need are my friends. That's it. And I'm happy. And
they already love me and I deserve it.

It's ok if I don't find someone. I just have to realize
when I'm settling and know that I'll have her to grow old