One hell of a life
2002-12-27 06:27:00 (UTC)

12-27-02 entry twenty three

Nothing interesting is going on...the holiday's still on,
i'm bored, all the hot guys are on holiday...and so are
most of my friends...lucky bitches!

Well...xmas was okay, just felt like another ordinary
day...but i did get loads of chocolate.
Everything's going okay, the puppy from next door is over
again, we get to keep her for a while cause their maid had
an accident and no one can look after the dog. My maid
keeps picking her up wrong and hurting her accidentally.
Oh man, what am I talking about.

Well... I'm bored shitless...and cause of it? I've just
been working on some website...nope don't ask for the

Okay i have nothing to write - i'm bored, it's cold, blah
blah blah, whatever.

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