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2002-12-27 05:28:16 (UTC)

hello again , well its another..

hello again , well its another day but this day is unique
for i am relixed today what the meaning of love was again i
dint think i would ever know that word again but i do and
its all account of one girl JULIE and how sweet that name
is i will never get tired of saying that name and the thing
is she likes me for who i am she done want to change me and
that is special to me to like me for me and thats the way i
am with her i like her for her i dont wnat her to change
one bit and the fact that every time she gets online if i
am on she imediatley pms me and i cant wait till i get to
hold her in my arms , my days seem to go by alot better now
adays since she has comeing to my life and yea i goota
admit i have had a few offers from other gals but i woudl
never cheat on julie i just tell them all i am happy with
who i have and i wont cheat on her and thats jsut how it is
sorry try someone else. well i will quite borein ya knwo
and talk to u later............... to be continued oh yea

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