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2002-12-27 05:18:45 (UTC)

got it bad

when u feeling it in ya body u found someone who makes ya
change ya ways said u act like ya ready but u dont really
know and every thing in ya past u wanna let it go yea i
been there done it fucked around after all that this is
what i found nobody wants to be alone if ya touched by the
words in this song baby ya got it ya got it bab hang up
and ya call right back know u got it bad when u are stuck
in the house u dont want to have fun cause all ya think
about u got it bad when ya out with someone but u keep on
thinking about someone else, when u say that u love them
and u really know then every thing that use to matter dont
matter no more like my money all my cars u can have it all
flowers cotton candy said i am fortuante that i have u
girl want u to know that i really adore u all my people
know whats going on look at u baby help me sing my song
tell them im your man your my girl gonna tell it to the
whole damn world baby say im your girl your my man promice
to love u the best i can . and yes i do have it bad
for my baby julie and this lill bit of a song is to her and
it comes from my heart, for she is all thats on my mind, i
finaly am happy again and she is the only one i have to
thank for that and i do promice to love her the best i can
and to do everything i can to make her happy and make her
dreams come true even if i have to build them with my own