An inconcluded life
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2002-12-27 04:31:51 (UTC)

Frank ... July 18

My love:
Just got back from Costa Rica. I had a very nice time. I
went to awesome places with the expedition. We went to
three different volcanoes and the three were amazing
experiences. Not one was like the other one. It was like
viewing a painting of Salvador Dalí. Do you know him? He
is a Spanish paintor (artist) who uses the most wonderful
colors in his art to express his feelings. Well something
similar appeared in each of the 3 volcanoes we visited.

We also went on a canopy tour. It was like flying from one
tree to another. The longest line was 700 meters! As I
waited one hour behind the line, I wondered if you would
have been there with me, would you have tried the canopy
adventure? Well, who knows, maybe, if it is meant to be,
we can do it together some time in this life. If not, then
we will have to wait for the next life to do it. Gosh we
will be so charged up with things to do on our next life!

The expedition also went river rafting on a level III
river. It was awesome!! Lots of fun and adrenaline. The
water was warm and nice. I have a neat sun tan. Maybe
when I develop the pictures I can send. Would you like to
receive one?

I am going to cut my hair this week. I also have to go to
the dentist. Three more weeks and I have to go back to
work. I must continue working in my house.

I met a person in Costa Rica who told me I could find a
very well paying job in the States. If I have a better
job, I can send you the plane ticket so you come over to
visit. Would you accept it? I mean, only as a friendly
visit. You know what I mean? I do not want to pressure you…
At least I am trying not to. I just want to check out the

I will let you go now. I guess you have not had a chance
to write back to me. I just hope you are receiving my
emails. At least a line from you would make me grateful.

Loving you now and always