An inconcluded life
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2002-12-27 04:30:32 (UTC)

Frank... time to go

Hi my love.
It is now 1.30am here and I will be departing soon. I am
going on that expedition I told you about. I will start on
the colonial route that the Spaniards took 500 years ago!!
This is going to be awesome and amazing. I will take
pictures and if you are interested, I will send.
Friday we will be leaving the islands and heading off to
Costa Rica. I will leave the kids thereafter because they
will be going to Spain. I will return to Panama on July
5. So it will be almost a week and a half that you will
rest from my emails. A week and a half that I will not
mortify you or bother you with all this. I will take you
in my heart and on my finger. You never leave it.
I love you. Take care and if you do have a chance, write
to me.