An inconcluded life
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2002-12-27 04:29:31 (UTC)

Frank ... June 22

Hi Frank W.
I still wonder if you read my emails. I wonder if
everything that I write is useless because it will stay
caught somewhere up in the net and it will never be read by
I still have not found that norsk ord for crane. It is a
type of bird. It represents peace.
I just got back from the class trip with my students. We
really had a nice time. I remembered you a lot. There was
this pedal boat that I had not been on since that time you
came to Panama. Remember? It is a paddle boat for 2 and we
sat there paddling in the crystal clear waters of Contadora
Island. I have a few pictures that we took that time.
Well anyways, I remembered you most of the time. The
sunsets were beautiful.
The kids behaved pretty well. Not that much drinking as I
thought there would be. They enjoyed it very much. One of
my students wrote a letter to me. It is the most touching
letter I have received. It has made me feel soooo well!
Little details like that one make me love every day more
and more what I do for a living: teaching. It is
invigorating to know that some kids really notice the
effort I put into them and how much I care about them. It
really made me happy to spend time with them. You know,
most of them have a lot of problems at home. It is a pitty
to see how these kids have everything any human being could
possibly ever want. They have the most beautiful homes,
the latest cars, cellphones and computers, however, they
lack the love of their parents. All they want is a little
bit of attention from an adult. It is amazing to see how
parents just waste their children’s youth, without spending
enough time with them getting to know them.
Anyways, I am back now. On Monday I am leaving again.
This time I am going on an expedition called The Quetzal
Route. It the route followed by the Colonizers of Spain in
the 1500’s around Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I am
only going up to Costa Rica and then I will be back. So
hopefully by next Thursday, June 27, I will be back in the
city. You will not receive emails from me because I will
be in the jungle… therefore, I will not have access to
electricity or computers. I am sure I will have a great
time. I will try to ask my brother to lend me his digital
camera so that I can get some pictures and send them to
you… well if that is ok with you.
It is very hard to write to you every day and expect at
least a line from you and get nothing. But hey, I
understand. And I will be patient enough so as to wait for
you. I will wait 1000 days. And if 1000 days is not
enough, then I will keep on praying and waiting. I will
keep on fighting for your love until you are with me, to
spend the rest of our lives together. Forever… Unless… you
tell me that this battle is useless. The day you tell me
you do not wish to receive any emails from me, I will stop
sending them. The day you tell me that you want me out of
your life, I will have to give up and walk out regretting
the rest of my life that I let you go. That I let
happiness slip through my fingers like this. But I will be
patient now. I will wait.
Because I love you.