Mental Insomnia
2001-09-03 09:31:58 (UTC)

Whatever shall I do?!

Life is so not fair. In all my 21 years I have never felt
so betrayed. My boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend
just told me last night that he has been cheating on me.
With my best friend. Who's a guy. Apparently, "Mikey" has
been gay for some time and was just using me until he felt
it was safe to come out. What should I expect from a guy I
met at a rave. I guess that's why he wasn't that upset when
I cheated on him with this chick I met last year. There I
said it. i am a bi-sexual, 21 year old, raver. I am in
college and majoring in Psychology. I did meet this really
hot chick in my psych class. She was kinda flirting with me
after class so, who knows? Maybe we'll hook up. "Mikey"
and "Adam" should be very happy together anyway. I mean I
knew that "adam" was gay. That's why we're best friends and
have never done anything sexual with each other. However, I
had no idea he was banging "Mikey". It hurts, but not as
much as I thought it would. After he told me I went out and
got wasted anyways. I mean I was rollin' on X and LSD. I
also got drunk with my killer drink. It's made up of Vodka,
Whiskey, and scotch. Anywho, I guess I should go. I feel
better now.