Life of Joolz
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2001-09-03 08:58:45 (UTC)

Monday 3rd September 2001-off work again

10.00am and am off work again.
Can't believe it. Had to ring Debra the HEO to report my
absence and I felt rotten. Am sure they don't believe me,
well who does when one of your colleagues rings in with a
bad back! It's laughable, but I won't be laffing at anyone
anymore coz it's not funny.
Had a very bad night's kip also-back was really hurting
when I turned over. Was very restless.
Have to hobble up to see the witch from hell at 11.05am
(quack) but at least I'm not asking for a sick note-will
need one next Monday if I'm still off but it won't come to
that I'm sure, fingers crossed.
rang Mum last night and filled up when I told her about my
back, as felt really sorry for myself and it was v.painful
all yesterday. Mum's alright, but she had bad back last
week and never said anything.
It's a mixture of sun and cloud today with a little breeze-
quite cool compared to last week.
I must get dressed now and set off to doctors. By the way I'm having
to take sennas to stop bloody constipation happening coz of all the
codeines I'm taking for pain. Too much info again-ha ha!