the ups and downs of my life
2002-12-27 03:30:36 (UTC)

christmas eve

wow i havent written in here in a long time!! well lets
see on xmas eve i went to a bowling party with my dad, sis
and brother. it was fun we ate, played video games and
bowled. o and i had to sit on santas lap to get a
presesnt!! i got a disposable camera and my sis(5) got
cnady land. she was really sad b/c they gave here the
same thing last year so i gave her my camera and took the
board game and gave it to my lil brother (5) also.

so then i came home and we had to wrap the presents and
ear dinner and go to my grams. we were all over tha pklace
trying to get things ready. we got to my grams about 8 and
opened gifts. i got socks, toe rind, pjs, nailpolish
(from laura who had my name) and some other things im
think but cant remeber. than we acame home and got to open
one gift. mine was a pair of earings. they were really

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