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2001-09-03 08:53:31 (UTC)

sunday yuck

im a little typsy and stoned. just got back from going to
fridays with lisa and lara. lara didnt flirt with me as
much as she usually does although i did grab her ass. im
currently listening to the cd i made joan. her and i got
in another fight and im not sure where we stand. im not
sure why she always has to fight with me. over the
stupidest shit as well. lisa is supposed to be coming back
over after she drops off lara but im not sure i can stay
up. if i wasnt for my obsessive compulsive addiction to
spelling shit correctly...this entry would be full of
spelling errors due to my intoxication. i finally gave up
on joan. its not gonna happen. and thats fine...its her
loss. besides guapito, this guy i work with, wants to ask
me out. :) im pretty excited. all i did was work today.
woke up about 15 minutes before i had to leave and got
ready, checked my email and i was off. i worked a split
and it was insane. i got 18 hours in this week. i need
the money for my damn cell phone bill. oh well. jerome
might lend me some money. its bed time. cant stay up.
must wake up early tomorrow. i miss joan but no more. no
more no more. sweet dreams to everyone...