My tragical life
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2001-09-03 08:50:31 (UTC)

The moment of truth has finaly come

Ok heres the shit...She said she did like me but...1.I was
at the bottom of the list 2.I think she said it cause she
didnt want to upset me (thats immpossible not to do) 3. And
because I'd remind her of her ex cause Im tall(thats a poor
So here I am fellin sorry 4 myself.You know its strange how
you dont relise how much you like someone until they
practicly say you suck . Its like I dont belive her .Cause
could she like me shes like SSSSOOOOO HHOOTTTTTTT and shes just damn
fine . As I said in a previous enter (but deleted it) I was gonna
just hang up and wait for the sympathy call( it usally works) but
that didnt happen cause how could I hang up on something I like that
much any way she was too nice bout it.Im happy for my fren but still
Im as SHITY as hell. So Im gonna take a smoke , have a coffe ,
relax , try to unshity myself and kick back and chat to a
girl called Kelsey (a damn fine as kelsey .But... in hawiia).
I usally feel better after letting things out but now I
feel worse. Im gonna go now and have that smoke.