Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-09-03 07:21:28 (UTC)


I finally hit it tonight.
I was planning on writting somthing of my thoughts,
thoughts I often think about this place bad gene pool
really the people here arnt pretty, Ive been blessed out
here actully to have surround myself with some beautiful
imports mabe thats why we seek each other I dont really
know how it works and we tend to be the ones they wanna
know "I guess?" dont care actully.
This is about to get really bad my friends conceeded
arogant all that but I gaze at them in amazment freack show
out here thryre akward bodys non-semicrical faces hella
small feet big hands ill porptioned bodys. I went to this
gathering in the streets/country concert. This freak show
from face to face my eyes traveled with no pl;easing places
to rest and I stared at there clothes and visions of them
in the super K buying outfits and to know underneith it all
lay the dreaded wal-mart panties. Such lack of any style
not even style just a little color cordination would have
been a blessing. I stray from my point this was the
intended subject but then I found it what it is that kills
me here its not really any of those things.

Went to claim jumppers tonight to get somthing to eat
and there I found it whats really missing from this place
she stood right in front of me and continued in sassy
remarks as she took our orders god she was heaven sent.
Sarcastic little brat funny to no end loving toying with us
we who were the punchline of her wit acting as if were not
of any importice to her as she flirted endlessly speaking
in words almost long forgotten to my dulling senses.
Thats it thats whats missing her charm carisma wit and
most inportian the sausyness that comes from people they no
nothing of it out here and there it was plain as day
somting Id missed the over looked thing Id been missing
personality, flare they dont have it.

ONe last thought whats the sexyist words to my ears to the
bastard Ive become what strikes an instant longing in me
for the one who utters these words I havent a clue but some
demons somewhere in the past Im shure.
"This is my boyfriend"
And with those words enticed, wanting and fully intent on
making bad things come about I set apon my quest.
With love and respect
"The bastard" spitfire