Lenore the fool

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2002-12-27 00:17:55 (UTC)

Dear who ever is up/out there

Dear who ever is up there or out there,
Please help me keep a level head and don't let me
dream. Keep me from having hope and dreaming.
Protect my heart from myself and others. If you want to
read what my heart keeps secret, secret from myslef as
well as others, and give it to me you can just don't leave
me with just hopes and dreams that will eventually
break and grow old. Take away my dreams please
cause they never come true and I can't stand watching
them grow old anymore.

I want to wake up in a world where I don't have
dreams any more so they won't have to suffer their
undeniable fate of death. I am done with this torturous
world. Let me go, let me go.