punk girl, interrupted
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2002-12-26 23:24:05 (UTC)

december 26th 2002

today was great..hung out with corrina..shes such an awesome
bud of ALWAYS laughing when im with her..its great.
i got to chat up with adam ...i cant wait to meet him..hes
so absolutely wonderful. just hope it actually happens.
xmas was good..but so short n sweet for me. mike and oscar
got me a deck of really nice tarot cards, a deck of oracle
cards and a book of shadows. pretty thoughtful gift.
i miss my rents but most of all i am wating for them to send
me moulah!hahaha
i cannot wait til my party new years eve... i am gonna get
so wasted..and hopefully lucky hahahahaha.
i miss adam so much today..heis being way too sweet=).

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