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2001-09-03 06:39:11 (UTC)

life in the fast lane.......?

Well things are reallt really frusterating again. I have a
job now...lucky me...but they have put me onto
casual..which is fine except that the money is crap and I
can't work out how they are calcualting there hours. I
guess it could be worse...Tax sucks because it rtook so
much out of my last pay. I still have to pay the rent etc
etc and dave is getting on my nerves with that. I really
need to look at moving somewhere cheaper. But if my new
contract at work is approved then I will prbably have more
Jackson is still in the cattery and I don't know how I am
going to afford to keep him there. I miss him like crazy
and it is not fair at all. I am paying a quarter of what I
pay in rent to keep him there. I think I will see if Bob
wants him. I love him...but is that enough? I can't bring
him back to the flat, because then we will get evicted, and
that would make things worse, so.....

Ok. I am going to look at the posityive side to all this.
1. I am working.
2. I will soon be on a new contract and hopefully i will be
getting more money so that means that I will probably be
able to pay more rent. In return for good and services
paying for them is doing the right thing. But if I need to
move out it will have to be for the right reason.
3. I love jackson dearly. But someone else is just as
capable of giving him as much love as what i did. And
Jackson will prabaly be a lot happier in Lithgow.
4.The woman who handed me that weigh loss handout is prbaby
getting paid commision. I am not overly huge. I do need to
lose weigh but it isn't that I am so fat that it is
unbelievable. I can change that and I will.

There. Things seem a lot better after putting it into

I will have lived in Sydney for three months nexzt
Thursday. How scary.
Yes...Life in the fast lane......