the black lace box
2001-09-03 06:16:17 (UTC)

I like that song!!!

Well, you know... I've beaten FF9 a handful of times, but
I never really listened to "Melodies of Life." So, I
downloaded it, and I really really like it. Perhaps I'll
like it even more than I like "Eyes on Me?" I don't know;
I like them both~ They both accurately describe situations
in my life, "Melodies," being the most accurate. *nodnod*

I got employee of the month at Starbucks....and the cool
part is the fact I came back from leave only a week and
half ago...and I got the

School has started up again, and I like all of my classes.
I was dooping around on and discovered they
interpreted "The Turn of the Screw" as one giant phallic
metaphor. Real cute, guys. I read that book while on the
trains in Japan and I didn't read anything about sexual
repression.. Bah! I guess I didn't interpret it well
since I was reading English, and then looking up at someone
and speaking Japanese. I'm finally adjusting back into the
English language...yay? I find myself in the art room at
school all day...doing figure drawings. I could start my
own royal army of those little stick dudes! I have also
decided I do NOT like band this year. True, I didn't like
it last year either, but this year it's so -sickeningly-
easy that I despise it.

Unfortunately, if I pull out, my parents will probably
disown me seeing as they try to live through me. If I had
a stable job and more education, I'd say "Hey, woo! Kick
me outta here NOW!" But since I don't... I don't express
my ture feeling about my current situation. Therefore, all
of my friends get to see me gripe all night long over IM!!
=D Here's an apology for all you: Especially Sari,
Ashita, Ava, Bruce, and Stephanie...and anyone else I
forgot that routinely listens to my bitching, lol. These
poor individuals receive it -routinely- and I'm really
appreciative of them since I know -I- wouldn't stay and
hear out my clone's whining. =^o^=

"Stay Tuned" by Glay, baby ^_^

I like that song a lot... I may be becoming a Glay
fan..but never above Malice Mizer; nope! You know, MM
still has at least one unreleased single they REALLY NEED
to release!!! It's some song they performed at the Bara no
Seidou concert (video) in 2000, and I think they played it
at the concert I went to in Osaka...but I don't really
remember; my memory is becoming fuzzy. But, it's an
AWESOME song! Lots of heavy guitar work..yeaaah!

If I could eat a song, I think I would eat "Madrigal" by
Malice Mizer. Why? I think it would taste the
best...light and refreshing, not too heavy, but
fulfilling! Then I would burp it back up so I could listen
to it... I don't want to not be able to listen to it you
know, and I think MM would get kind of angry if I ATE one
of their songs.. ^_^;;;;


*dances off*