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2001-09-03 05:58:51 (UTC)


My bestfriends Kyla and Lauren are turning out odd. Laurend
popular im not. Kyla's popular and we were b.f.f! Now me
and Cathy are friends. Its odd how peoples personalitys
change at the time of day. Its 1:00 am theyre acting
wirerd. i just .. want it to be like it was in 1st grade 3
strange Odd destend to be hamburger flippers now there
destend to be ... wonderful people, except me, the odd one
still destend to be a ... hamburger flipper. Isnt it wierd
how one day your saying " Puzzel balls are so dorkey" and
the next day ... you just love it. I like to write. Alot
ill be putting stories of Jack and Mr. Homes. So if you
only want to read the histerical stories than look for the
Subject top be like ... Jack Ch #1 . Ok? Its odd my
bestfriend is now my worst enemy and my 2nd bestfriend is
my bestfriend and my 2nd bestfried who's my 1st best
friends enemy is my 2nd bestfriend. If you under stood what
i just said... you are a wonderful person! Wow huh?
Hopefully Boys will change the world will change and so
will My diary Daily. :)

Alwas ,