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2002-12-26 21:45:45 (UTC)

:.:AnOtHeR bOrInG dAi:.:

well damn todai has been so0o fukin boring. i woke up becuz
magalis woke mii up and w.e i got online. den after i
started talking to luis and natalia on da fone. damn we
were on da fone for hours just eating shit. i tink me n
naty are going to palace todaii, hopefully we meetin ronald
and dexter over there lolz, magalis is going to0o. damn i
was so0o bored dati got a lil drunk todai.. i passed out on
naty and luis on da fone. it was so0o funy. they were lyk
pressing numbers s0o i coukd wake up... i duno0o den luis
started getting mood swiings on mii n naty eeww he was lyk
bitchin at us and we were lyk wtf?!? den w.e we cliked cuz
natyz mom needed da fone or sumtin lusi was gunna go work
out and i was getting dresed. and daz about it...nuttin
really exiting eva i've been home all dai
and ,maria wut an idot! she tellz me letz go0o smoke! man i
was lyk like no0o u asshole muh mom is getting home now u
tell mi!! i've been fenin dat shit nasty wellanywayz bai bai