not who you think i am

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2002-12-26 21:41:08 (UTC)


dear diary
ive had this oline diary for ages now but ive started
again, probably for about the 100th time.
things seem to be getting alot better for me, me and trip
are...well im not sure what we are anymore, and plans for
snofroes visit in the summer are going well, im really
looking forward to it.
i cant be bothered going out tonight like i was meant to,
but i dont want to go on irc, its nice when its just me and
sno....but i hate everyone else, well i dont hate EVERYONE
but most of them, its unbearable, i dont even know them and
i hate them.
ive also decided to become a little more mature, i act like
a kid most of the time but it isnt me, its just a covering,
i need to feel like im being true to myself and not a fake,
but maybe thats just what i am, a big fake!!! who really starting to detest denny, he just
annoys me a bit but then again thats not suprising
considering everyone and everything annoys me nowdays.Ive
been listening to music more and watching less t.v too, i
think its because music brings me peace, well anyways i'll
write again soon

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