my life sux
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2002-12-26 21:03:20 (UTC)

I must've walked 6 miles today

Hello diary,
I sure got my exercise today.
I first had to walk to the coursthouse to get something
notorised which was more more 1 1/2 miles miles round trip.
Than I stopped by the pizza cafe orderd me cheese pretzel.
I didn't have have a credit card on me had go back home.
I called Dennis and told him I got the paper noterized.
I walked back up to the cafe and got my cheese pretzel.
I paid for it and I walked home.
I definitely got my exercise in today.
Tomorrow I'm going by Marta and getting my new half fare
card for 2003 tomorrow morning.
So atleast there shouldn't be a alot of people around when I
get it anyway so there shouldn't be a long wait.
I called last week and i was told I could come in December
to get it which is nice to know.