Ashley's horrible fucked up life.
2001-09-03 05:32:21 (UTC)

My new stupid thingy.

Wow...So much to say...I've never really had one of these
little diary thingys before.Umm..Where to start...
Well my first day of High School was a piece of shit..
The second and third day were a bit better though.Well
today is 9/2/01 10:26 PM...I'm bored as fuck..I had just
read my friend Alexi's diary on here and I learned stuff
about her I never knew...I'd love to be closer friends with
her but,I dunno I'm stupid and ya..Corey was being a dick
the first day of school and sometimes he's a dick to
Alexi....But then again everyone has their ups and downs.I
hate High School,I hope it fucking dies and goes to fucking
hell.Anyway...My friend Corey has also been "jocking"me
lately.Everything that makes me,me he steals and uses it
for his own "hapiness."What the fuck?Am I a fuckin gumball
machine?Do I hand out myself?I'm probably making no sense
at all what so ever but oh well.....I don't know..I've been
thinking lately and I know I like guys and I've never
really had an intrest in girls but for some reason there's
a girl named Alexi(her diary is on here too)and I think I'm
starting to like her but,I'm thinking is the possible?Me?Be
bi?I'm sorta confused..I'm so fuckin stupid lol.I always
have a fun time with Alexi and shit but I dunno...Maybe I
like her more than a friend,she knows I'm always there for
her though.Well I'll write more when I get a chance or when
I'm hella bored.Buh byes lil thing-a-ma-bob.