The UnEven Eye
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2001-09-03 05:28:18 (UTC)

Late Sunday Night

This best night of life since they invented TGIF *is
only 17* *not that old* I rp on the cs chats. Well my
friend and I were rping. And I retyped it so he would
get kicked instead in his lower region *not trying to be
vulgar, but* He's was so upset. That I started
cracking up laughing. I couldn't help it. I'm still
laughing. I got a headache though. But you had to be
there it was the greatest. Dun worry none of this
happened Irl.

Then there is my friend Lys, and we're like reliving old
memories from rping a while back. That was another laugh
and a half. I love my Rp buddies. They are all so
different thats wht i like about them i guess. Oh well.

This makes up for my bad morning at least. Acutally it
out did my whole week. Which is saying alot. Anyway.
Good night. *can't wait for tommorrow*

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