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2001-09-03 05:15:31 (UTC)

Bad Day

Well, before I went to work, I bout had a nervous break
down. For some reason everything was making me scream.
Litarally. I was screaming as loud as my voice could
manage. I even went off on Justin, whom I finally got ahold
of. Ends up he went camping with Talon last night. I was a
little pissed about that too, because he said we'd see each
other last night, and he just went to the Mesa. I didn't
even talk to him until about 3 this afternoon. And so much
more happened, but I don't want to rant and rave.
Well, I have to call work to find out what time I have to
work tomorrow. Morons changed the schedule. G'Nite all!
Love, Shelby