The World According to Me
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2001-09-03 05:12:09 (UTC)

Today's Total

Well, I totaled up my caloric/ protein/ carb/ fat intake.
I was 10 calories over my alotted 1,000 but I only consumed
118 carbs. and 11 grams of fat. My protein was 117 grams so
that is not too bad either although I like it much more
when it is higher than my carbs. Enough obsessing about
that. Today was pretty uneventful. Cleaned and got ready
for my sister-in-law's baby shower on Saturday. I then
have another shower later that day to go to. What a bunch
of breeders! Just kidding there but I really do not know
how I could handle a child. I am good with them but I need
me time. Selfish I suppose. Pretty sad to say for someone
who is 30. I still have a few years left so we'll see what
happens. Besides, and obviously, I have to work on myself