Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-03 05:05:05 (UTC)

To All My Friends

To everyone, I just want to let everyone know, if yous ever
need to talk or need a shoulder to cry on I will always be
here and if you dont have my number, about a million people
do, so just call up will or mary or anyone really, and I
love you all, well all of my friends, and if you ever need
my and i am not home just leave a message cause i am
normally not gone that long, and i will do anything for you
guys, anything at all, and if i could, i would take all the
burdens off of your shoulders and put them on mine, cause i
hate to see you guys cry, and i would do anything to take
away all the pain that you have or will endure away, i love
you and will always me here, no matter what, if you need me
at three in the morning i will drag my parents outta bed
and piss them off at me just to give you a hug! I love you