Kaleigh's Journal
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2001-09-03 04:46:16 (UTC)

Parents...I hate them.

Parents are so unbelievably (sp?) annoying. I can't really
say I hate my parents, because w/o them, well, you know the
rest. But my mother is a frickin' pain in the ass. It's
just little things, ya know. Like, she is ALWAYS accusing
me of lying. ALWAYS! It pisses me off. I don't lie that
much. Then when I get annoyed and tell her I'm not lying,
she just gets all rude and says mean things. God. I swear.
And she always thinks about herself. Here's what happened
(not word-for-word. just what i can remember). She was
like "I'm going to the store. Do you want anything?" I was
like "Yeah. I'm hungry get me something to eat, like a sub
or something and a SnackPack for dessert." So she said ok
and left. Then she comes back like an hour later with a
turkey sub that has mustard, olives, and tomatoes on it. I
HATE ALL OF THOSE! I was like "What the hell is this?" She
was like, "This is for me" so I asked her where mine was
she said "I was supposed to get you one?" And i was like
what the frickin a is wrong with your head? She's like "I
asked you what you wanted." I said, "AND I TOLD YOU WHAT I
WANTED!" She was like, " didn't specify."
I'm like "you damn queer. what the hell is your problem! I
just want FOOD!" So I went into the kitchen to get my
snackpack so I have something in my stomach before I go to
bed. It was butterscotch. I HATE BUTTERSCOTCH! And she
knows that! I was like "You know I hate butterscotch. Why
did you get it?" She said "Because I like it" I said "The
only reason you got snackpacks was because I asked you
to!" " didn't specify!" "I shouldn't have to! You
know what I like! And even if you didn't, you could have
gotten something that we both would have liked, like
Chocolate or something!" Then I just turned around I went
upstairs. As I went up I said "I swear! You only think of
yourself." God DamnIt. She is such a vagrant! And on top of
that, I've got to print something out off the internet
because my stupid queer-ish geometry teacher says I have to
print out the course expectations off his website. So I get
online, open up the stupid page and click print. WE'RE OUT
OF INK. It's due tomorrow my dad's like "I don't have
enough money to buy a cartridge right now so if you want
one you have to get it yourself." First of all, Best Buy is
on the other side of the frickin' universe. Second, I don't
have 40 bucks for a damn printer. I told my dad this and he
was like "Deal" And I was like you ass-crack. So I said "Oh
so you want me to fail math like you did?" Well, this
struck a nerve. he was like "Just because I'm a f***ing
idiot for skipping school everyday and failing doesn't mean
you have to fail too. So get your lazy ass up and walk to
the store." I said "Uh uh. I'm not walking that far!" So he
was like "FINE. I'll take you later to get your damn ink
thing." I was like "Thank you daddy." all sweet like. he
said "whatever" So, my family is very dysfunctional. And
now you know why. My fingers are really tired of typing so
that's it for today. C ya