Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-03 04:44:52 (UTC)

weird ass liking quiz!

Have you ever had a quiz that you took and it was so close
to true that it was weird.. yeah that happened, here are
the results:

~chad is the one i love... hmmm!?! :-D
~ryan, dont ask, is the one I like but it cant work, thats
good cause we are good friends!
~I care most about David, and i do care about him, he is
awsome, and a dork!
~my mommi knows most about me, go figure right!?
~Dawnny is my shining star, and she is, i love my dawnny!
~One Minute Man by Missy Elliott, is the song that matches
Chad, and hmm, I wouldnt know!
~Build Me Up Buttercup by The Temptations, is the song that
describes Ryan, okay maybe NO!
~Beautiful Like You by Joy Drop tells most about my mind,
yeah, sorta!
~And finally: Sometimes I Want To Die by Joy Drop describes
how I feel about life, yup, sometime is exactly right, but
its all cool right now