Restless Comet Diary
2002-12-26 16:25:56 (UTC)

Not unhappy anymore...

Hey!!!!!!That's me back again....and I feel way
better....except for that spooky brother is
sick and now I'm sick's strange that everybody
spind around him but noone even noticed I feel bad.I guess
they got used with me taking care of myself.
At a second thought it's much better like that.I don't like
them telling me what to do or giving me old
medicines.....nasty ones...I could really manage my life by
I decided to leave them one day...because my future isn't
that bright nearby them...I have to admit that's
unusual...they are my family but I can't spend my lifetime
starving in this country ...and I definitely can't take all
of them with me....
Actually i have biggy plans for my future...that include
only 2 persons for the start....not my whole family hehe
See ya!