Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-03 04:40:25 (UTC)

Last one for tonight !

Hey everyone ~
This will be my last entry for tonight! I am talking to
Adam ! :) ! I had to black mail my brother into letting me
use the computer ! Cause other wise I wouldn't have gotten
to talk to Adam! And that would have made me sad ! I had a
dream about him last night ! LoL ! It was a weird dream !It
was like he moved to Michigan and we startd going out! And
we became very serious and we graduated high school and
then we both went to the same college! And then after we
both finished college we got married and yea ! It was a
weird dream cause Laurence was in it and so was Nate ! And
Kati was in it! Oh Kati is my best friend! and who else was
in it? Oh Wesley was in it ! he moved up here too ! and he
and steph were exactly like me and adam ! And we had a
joint wedding! LOL ! Crazy !
Anyways I am going to go ! Later!
Luv ya !