undying dream
2001-02-10 03:17:33 (UTC)

I guesse I do have an..

I guesse I do have an interesting life after all!

A few interesting things here,Ill right more about them,
but I don't feel like it right now.
-Lemvap takes off and I find him and bring him back.
-I go to check on Duo,Heero is in there with him.Heero is
kissing Duo!Heero leaves,and I ask Duo if he liked that.He
says'mm hmm'I get pissed,and Duo explains how sometimes we
have these urges...blah blah blah..
-I made a spell that cured Duo.
-Duo tells me that he really dosent like Lemvap,so I go
and talk to him.
-Lemvap says that he never got to say goodbye to our
relationship(or something like that..)and he want's to give
me a goodbye kiss.
-I say Ok and we kiss, but then Duo walks in .He is very
upset,and has tears in his eyes.He takes off.I go after
him ,but first I change into my angel outfit,which makes me
faster,and looks really cool!
-I make it outside just in time and fly into deathscythe's
hand,and plead for Duo to come out .He comes out and we
talk,yada yada yada,hehehe,we work things out and he caries
me back inside.
So now everything is OK!