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2001-09-03 04:33:37 (UTC)

The Summer So Far

Daily Thought:
I think Al Bundy was a hero of his time when he
organized "NO MAAM." By that I don't mean that I hate women
(its far from that), its just that some women should just
GO THE FUCK HOME (-Dave Matthews). Now your reading this
and saying to yourself, "He's a dumb fuck, girls rule" (Or
something along those lines). I do agree, women are fun to
be with and all, but they can be heartless succubi with no
intent other than to use men as pawns for their evil
bidding. A perfect example of this is Mario's "Danielle
problem." Ever since she broke up with Regan she's been
hanging out with Mario just because he has a car; using him
as a taxi, how shameless. And the sad part is that her
tactics are blantantly obvious (well that is to everyone
but Mario). And what's my input on this situation? Well I
do find it annoying that she's just using our group for
some intent, but for what exactly? 'Tis the true mystery.
I personally think her motive is not to find a new suitor
or to attempt to court another gentleman caller, but to use
people like Mario, Jason and Shertz as emotional baggage

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