It's Hot in Here...
2001-09-03 04:22:44 (UTC)

The list...

I was just reading someone else's diary and she had made
a list of all the qualities she wanted in a man...I haven't
done this in a while so I think I will too...
However, I have a feeling this list is going to be miles
long... :)

1. Loves me
2. Open minded
3. Attractive
4. Honest
5. Trusworthy
6. Reciprocal trust
7. Respects my views
8. Caring
9. Creative
10. Sense of humor
11. Sensitive
12. Intellegent
13. Constantly trys to make himself a better person
14. Has goals
15. Is going to or has graduated from college
16. Believes in God (I don't think this would keep me from
dating someone, but I do think it would keep me from
marrying someone)
17. My mom likes him
18. Dependable
19. Artistic
20. Thinks for himself

Well, I think 20 is good enough for now...I think it's so
funny because this list is pretty different from the one I
made a few years ago. I mean some of the big things are the
same, but a lot are much more mature, so I think that's
good...And that's all I feel like writing
tonight...Especially since now I have to get working on a