Hair Of The Dog
2001-09-03 04:21:10 (UTC)

saturday nightlife

Well I must say Saturday was one of the most interesting
nights I've had in a long time. I started work at 8pm and
things were, well, not quite the usual...

I had to clean up a massive shit in the male toilets,
somehow someone had managed to shit all over the back of one
of the toilets. It was fucken rancid shit, stank like a room
full of soiled baby diapers that has been locked up for a
few weeks. It was fucken foul shit, quite literally! Still,
in true legendary form, I cleaned it all up without batting
an eyelid, and I think a lot of the customers respected
that. I'm used to cleaning up spews, they aren't pleasant
but they don't faze me so much. This was the first shit I've
ever had to clean up, hopefully the last...

After work I went to Discovery nightclub after work, which I
must say was a fucken good move on my behalf, I was
originally planning to go straight home after work but I'm
glad I didn't. I was standing there with the crew from my
work when a friend of mine, Jacky, came up with this blonde
chick. She was pointing at me and talking to her, saying
"This bloke? This bloke right here?" At the time I didn't
have a clue what she was talking about. Jacky asked me for
my phone number, and I gave it to her. She then gave me a
phone number for the chick she was with, Brooke was her
name. Then she walked off going "Buy her a drink! She thinks
you're sexy!", meanwhile Brooke is turning red with
embarrasment. She's SEXXXY! She was competing in this Sports
Model Competition thingy they were running at the club, and
she made the finals, if that's any indication of how sexy
she was. I was so fucken tongue-tied once I found out she
thought I was sexy, I'm usually really cool, calm and
collected with people, but as soon as I'm stuck in a
situation where I have to impress a really sexy chick I
start dribbling shit like a 14 year old on his first date.
Oh well, I told her I'd phone her up and take her out for
dinner some time, so maybe then I can get things going with
her. She's 21, a year older than me, and damn I hope things
work out... anyways, ciao beautiful people out there... hope
you get someone as good as I just did...