2001-09-03 04:18:57 (UTC)


ssiiighhh...I wish I was a pretty mermaid. A cryptic maiden
that swam around with big bare boobies and lustfully lured
men. I would be so awesome at it. My raven hair adorned
with shells and my scales of turquoise green. I would rock.
My singing would be like the melodic tones of an angel.
Sailors would flock to hear me sing. Women would hate me
and there spite towards me would drive me further. My eyes
would be clear like the sea. My lips would be blood red and I
would give soft kisses to dying seamen stranded on the
shore. They would love me even as they lay dying. Painters
would paint me while in the ocean. Poets would study me.
Mothers would warn their children of me. I would be a