Kat Eyes
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2002-12-26 07:36:12 (UTC)

Convo between Nick and I: 12/19

muffinman2180: merry x-mas
lanianela724: thanks
lanianela724: you too
muffinman2180: wass up
lanianela724: nothing
lanianela724: getting ready for tomorrow
muffinman2180: whats u doing
lanianela724: i have to get all my gifts for friends
lanianela724: and lug them all to school
muffinman2180: awwwwwww
lanianela724: and i'm quitting basketball, and i have to
turn in my jersey
muffinman2180: o sorry
muffinman2180: ur such a good friend
muffinman2180 wants to directly connect.
muffinman2180 cancels request; no connection was made.
lanianela724: yea, right
muffinman2180: yes i am right
muffinman2180: hey get this
muffinman2180 wants to directly connect.
lanianela724: k
muffinman2180 cancels request; no connection was made.
muffinman2180 wants to send file kat (1).jpg.
muffinman2180: hey what about thoes pics
lanianela724 received C:Documents and SettingsOwnerMy
Documentsdownloadlanianela724kat (1).jpg.
muffinman2180: it reminded me of u
lanianela724: aw
lanianela724: how cute
lanianela724: the homecoming pics?
muffinman2180: yep
lanianela724: i'm putting them on a disk and putting the
disk in a box
muffinman2180: if it's not to much trouble
lanianela724: no big
muffinman2180: thanks
lanianela724: i just cant print them-i think the printer's
low on ink and if it is it's my as
lanianela724: no prob
muffinman2180: i miss u
lanianela724: i miss you too
muffinman2180: i feal that we are drifting apart
muffinman2180: :'(
lanianela724: we are
lanianela724: well theres a wee bit of milage between us
muffinman2180: thats true
lanianela724: i'm not going to hurt myself anymore trying
to hold onto something that wont work...if that makes any
lanianela724: when i moved to florida and i held onto
everythng that i had had here it really changed me into a
snotty bitch
lanianela724: and i dont want to go there again
muffinman2180: ok
lanianela724: are you mad?
muffinman2180: no
lanianela724: what are you thinking right this second
muffinman2180: jusy seeing thing in a new light
muffinman2180: just
muffinman2180: things
lanianela724: is that a good thing?
muffinman2180: how so much has changed
lanianela724: yea, i know
lanianela724: its me though
lanianela724: its not your fault
muffinman2180: how i have changed
muffinman2180: in a way
lanianela724: in a good or bad way
muffinman2180: i know it's not
muffinman2180: both
lanianela724: i'm sorry
lanianela724: this is hurting the both of us
lanianela724: i cant hang onto this anymore
lanianela724: i'm really sorry
muffinman2180: 4 what
muffinman2180: it is
muffinman2180: don't be
lanianela724: but its my fault
muffinman2180: how ?
lanianela724: and in this scenerio i have to be the bitter
muffinman2180: no ur not
muffinman2180: u havw do what u did
muffinman2180: live with it
lanianela724: by basically saying that this isnt going to
work right now, b/c we're so far away. i will always have a
place for you and i'll always love you. i dont think i've
felt this way about anyone in my life, but i just can't
keep hanging onto this. i'm fucked up enough already
muffinman2180: have
muffinman2180: we all move on some fast than others
muffinman2180: like hell ur fucked up
lanianela724: i'm sry to cut this short but i have to go.
my grandpa's complaining
muffinman2180: i will always have a place in my heart for u
muffinman2180: this is hard
muffinman2180: ok bye
lanianela724: i'm so so so sorry and i'll love you always,
i hope you understand. merry christmas
lanianela724: i know
lanianela724: think how i feel
muffinman2180: i know what ur feelin
muffinman2180: g
muffinman2180: just don't look ack