Kat Eyes
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2002-12-26 07:35:48 (UTC)

Convo between Jessie and I: 12/23

LadykAt433: ok
JessieDMY: yay
LadykAt433: lol
LadykAt433: hola
LadykAt433: ok...so anyways
JessieDMY: hola
LadykAt433: hola
LadykAt433: como estas?
JessieDMY: muy bien y tu
LadykAt433: muy cansada
LadykAt433: pero bien
JessieDMY: lol
JessieDMY: no speaky espanol
LadykAt433: even though i take spanish o'm still not a good
JessieDMY: as if i am
JessieDMY: jeez
LadykAt433: lol
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: no speaky espaonol
LadykAt433: 8espanol
LadykAt433: that was funny
LadykAt433: **
JessieDMY: YAY
LadykAt433: ok so yea....
LadykAt433: what were you talkin about b4 i logged off?
JessieDMY: uh...
JessieDMY: oh info
LadykAt433: am i supposed to know that he wants to know or
are you supposed to try and find out what i know
LadykAt433: lol...confusing
JessieDMY: ur not supposed to know that he wants to know
LadykAt433: ok
LadykAt433: well be specific
LadykAt433: i probably dont know as much as he thinks i know
JessieDMY: #1 about Michael
JessieDMY: #2 about Blakeness
LadykAt433: blakeness......
LadykAt433: :-
JessieDMY: uh....
JessieDMY: i uh i uh i uh i dunno
LadykAt433: ok...well about michael. all i know is that
supposidly blake did something for michael or offered to do
something for him. i really don't know. but about a day
later it was proven (again...supposidly) that it never
happened or was never mentioned or something along those
JessieDMY: yea so do u think it 's true or just like a joke
JessieDMY: cuz it's not true
LadykAt433: i think its misinformation
LadykAt433: like someone heard something, and thought the
wrong thing. and spread it around
LadykAt433: i didnt think it was true either
LadykAt433: i dont think blake swings that way
LadykAt433: lol
JessieDMY: and the "Blakeness" is like Michaelness
JessieDMY: r u sure
LadykAt433: about blake swiging that way?
LadykAt433: *swinging
JessieDMY: yea
LadykAt433: no
JessieDMY: well what do u think or know
LadykAt433: i think blake likes girls
JessieDMY: or whatever
LadykAt433: i'm pretty sure he only likes girls
JessieDMY: yea he does
LadykAt433: unless theres something he hasnt told me
LadykAt433: ...
JessieDMY: cough cough ok
LadykAt433: :-
LadykAt433: is there something i need to know?
JessieDMY: well I dunno if he wants me to tell u
LadykAt433: what
JessieDMY: i think he thought u knew cuz of winter
LadykAt433: hes bi huh
JessieDMY: Blake swings both ways
JessieDMY: yea
LadykAt433: does hethink i know that?
JessieDMY: i think so
LadykAt433: he told me hes not bi
JessieDMY: I dunno don't tell him i told u
JessieDMY: pretend not to know
LadykAt433: we were talking one night and i asked him and
he said no
JessieDMY: don't make me die
JessieDMY: really
LadykAt433: that hes not gay or bi
LadykAt433: ok
LadykAt433: no worries
JessieDMY: hmm
LadykAt433: he told me he was straight
JessieDMY: according to interesting conversations last
night I'd hafta say he lied to u
LadykAt433: and that people thinks hes bi or gay but that
hes not
LadykAt433: apparently
JessieDMY: yea
LadykAt433: did he tell you i'm going to his house for x-
mas tomorrow
JessieDMY: yea
LadykAt433: k
JessieDMY: awww
LadykAt433: well this will be interesting
JessieDMY: special
LadykAt433: lol...thanks
LadykAt433: why'd he lie to me? i mean i can't see how he'd
thin he could cover that up
JessieDMY: yep
JessieDMY: i know huh
LadykAt433: everyone thinks he is...and b/c he told me he
wasnt i defended him
JessieDMY: ye ai defend him too
LadykAt433: when'd you find out?
LadykAt433: last night?
JessieDMY: no i knew.....(well i knew when i met him) but
Winter told me awhile ago
LadykAt433: yea, winter told me too
LadykAt433: and i said no you're wrong
JessieDMY: hmm
LadykAt433: so does he not like me or something
LadykAt433: now i'm a little....skeptical
JessieDMY: no he like LOVES U
JessieDMY: so to speak
LadykAt433: speak of the devil
LadykAt433: guess whose on the phone
JessieDMY: what
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: omg
LadykAt433: interesting
JessieDMY: lol
JessieDMY: well I totally know he is now
JessieDMY: so.....
JessieDMY: ye
JessieDMY: a
LadykAt433: so yea
LadykAt433: i cant say anything can i
JessieDMY: no
LadykAt433: ok
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: brb
JessieDMY: start talking about hot guys..lol
JessieDMY: ok
LadykAt433: no thats quite alright
JessieDMY: lol
JessieDMY: tell him to go online
LadykAt433: love?
JessieDMY: major like
LadykAt433: k
LadykAt433: he said he cant go online and bake at the same
JessieDMY: yes he can
JessieDMY: he's multi talented !;-)
LadykAt433: "sure i am"
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: "she'd know"
JessieDMY: don't make me tell Kat things U don't want her
to know!
LadykAt433: o hey tell me
LadykAt433: i wanna know
LadykAt433: what else must i know
JessieDMY: i sorta did
LadykAt433: thats it?
JessieDMY: um i think thats it
LadykAt433: ok
JessieDMY: we just had some fun conversations last night
JessieDMY: about crushes and such
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: "tell jess i'm feeling better"
JessieDMY: lol
JessieDMY: "tell Blake he's a loser for huffing whipp
LadykAt433: "i was bored"
JessieDMY: "Son't u usually do other things when ur bored?"
LadykAt433: o god i really dont want to know
JessieDMY: lol
LadykAt433: hey i g2g b/c i hafta get offline
LadykAt433: but thanks fr the info
LadykAt433: seriosuly...thanks
LadykAt433: and i'll ttyl
JessieDMY: sure
JessieDMY: ur welcome
JessieDMY: ttyl