Kat Eyes
2002-12-26 07:35:05 (UTC)

Convo between Blake and I: 12/24

TheSlayer120: okthen
lanianela724: you'll be happy
lanianela724: i think
TheSlayer120: ...?
lanianela724 wants to send file C:Documents and
TheSlayer120 received C:Documents and SettingsOwnerMy
lanianela724: ...
TheSlayer120: YAY!
lanianela724: *evil look*
TheSlayer120: this is the best x-mas EVER!
lanianela724: is that a good thing?
lanianela724: :-P
lanianela724: thanks again for inviting me. it really did
mean alot to me
TheSlayer120: ur the prodigy?
lanianela724: yea
lanianela724: long story
TheSlayer120: ok then
lanianela724: well...actually its really not
lanianela724: you should come into ceramics some time
lanianela724: and see whatever it is i'm working on
TheSlayer120: ok...sure
lanianela724: hey....earlier today you were talking to
winter on the phone and i guess she asked you what you
talked about w/ someone and you said "the person in this
room" (which other than you was me) what were you talking
TheSlayer120: well yeah, i didn't want to get into i cuz
the rents were home, but i feel REALLY awful for lying to u.
TheSlayer120: it
TheSlayer120: s
TheSlayer120: just that i REALLY like u
TheSlayer120: and i didn't want to screw ne thing up
TheSlayer120: i thought if i told u u would never talk to
me again
TheSlayer120: i know thats no excuse for lying to u, but
pleez understand where i was coming from
lanianela724: told me what?
lanianela724: ...
TheSlayer120: she was saying y "can't u just tell me.....is
it cuz...?" and i said "the person in this room
TheSlayer120: "
lanianela724: wtf
lanianela724: i'm confused
lanianela724: what didnt you tell me?
TheSlayer120: member if u asked me if i was bi?
lanianela724: yea...
TheSlayer120: well i wanted to tell u and i wanted her to
tell me how to tell u even after i lied
lanianela724: WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME...TWICE?
lanianela724: I'M NOT AN IDIOT
TheSlayer120: i know...but like i said. I REALLY like u
and i was afraid of screwing upwhat we could hav
lanianela724: blake i can handle the truth
lanianela724: i swear to god i can
lanianela724: i can't handle you lying to me
TheSlayer120: i just thought that u'd freak...i was scared
lanianela724: i was waiting for you tell me
lanianela724: i knew a long time ago blake
TheSlayer120: i was gonna tell u but i mean whatz the right
time to bring that up, ya know?
TheSlayer120: i knew u knew
TheSlayer120: but i wanted to talk to u about it
lanianela724: then why did you lie to me?
lanianela724: hats what i dont understand
lanianela724: *thats
TheSlayer120: the rents were in the house...and i've BEEN
lying to them so i didn't want them to hear
lanianela724: you really thought i was going to freak huh
TheSlayer120: wel yeah....what gurl could like a freak that
thinks guys r alight too?
lanianela724: all you had to do was tell me
TheSlayer120: i reallly was, u hav to trust me
TheSlayer120: but i didn't know how to bring t up
TheSlayer120: *It
lanianela724: i brought it up
lanianela724: all you had to say was yes
lanianela724: i think the only problem i have is that if
you ever cheated on me or broke up with me for another guy.
i seriosuly think that would send me into a mental breakdown
lanianela724: arg get your phone
TheSlayer120: k