Kat Eyes
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2002-12-26 07:34:34 (UTC)

Convo between Blake and I: 12/19

TheSlayer120: heylo
lanianela724: hola
lanianela724: did you get my message?
TheSlayer120: yup yup yup....i just got bak to my comp
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: ok
TheSlayer120: so wutz up?
lanianela724: nothing much
TheSlayer120: fun fun
lanianela724: watchin the clock-i'm not supposed to be
lanianela724: yea, right
lanianela724: *enthused*
TheSlayer120: lol
lanianela724: thanks for the note it was so sweet!
lanianela724: my note was all gay and done in like 5 min
TheSlayer120: lol....'tis no big
TheSlayer120: it was fun
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: ty
lanianela724: fyi i'm copying my poems 4 u
TheSlayer120: YAY!
TheSlayer120: i'm excited
lanianela724: dont get too excited
lanianela724: ...
TheSlayer120: lol....it's too cold
TheSlayer120: lol
lanianela724: too much info
lanianela724: but thatnks for sharing
lanianela724: *thanks
lanianela724: ;-)
TheSlayer120: sowy i told jess this big thing about the
weather and ....yeah and she got scared
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: i miss you! :'(
TheSlayer120: I miss u too,
TheSlayer120: hey, what did taters tell u/
TheSlayer120: ?
lanianela724: :-X
TheSlayer120: pleez
lanianela724: dont worry about it
lanianela724: :-X
lanianela724: you cant make me talk
TheSlayer120: pleez:-)
lanianela724: :-X
TheSlayer120: what was it about...tell me that much
lanianela724: something really disgusting that to be honest
i really didnt want to know
lanianela724: ....
lanianela724: still stumped?
TheSlayer120: yeah
TheSlayer120: PLEEZ
lanianela724: :-X
lanianela724: :-D
TheSlayer120: well hint...
lanianela724: i know something you don't know
lanianela724: :-D
lanianela724: why do you care so much
lanianela724: i already told you its no big
TheSlayer120: BUT i wanna know!!!
lanianela724: WHY?
TheSlayer120: cuz she's my tata and ur my katty and i'm
aposed to know these things
lanianela724: its no big deal
lanianela724: no worries
lanianela724: k?
TheSlayer120: fine
TheSlayer120: lol
lanianela724: its no big
TheSlayer120: ok....ok
lanianela724: you gotsta trust me
TheSlayer120: ok then...i do
lanianela724: :-D
lanianela724: :-* cyber kisses count
TheSlayer120: nope nope
lanianela724: :-D
TheSlayer120: sowy but they don't
lanianela724: ya they do
TheSlayer120: nope
lanianela724: :-*
TheSlayer120: brb
lanianela724: k
lanianela724: i g2g in 4 min
TheSlayer120: ok
TheSlayer120: well then i'll stay 'til then
lanianela724: yay
TheSlayer120: i gots do type a butt-load of stuff
lanianela724: fun
lanianela724: well then go type
lanianela724: i'll ttyl
lanianela724: oooooooooooo
lanianela724: Close your eyes
And hold on tight
We’l ride through the day
And out into the night
Watch out for shadows
They claw and bite
Dance in the darkness
Shout with all your might
Cause nobody will hear you
When you’re dreaming in the night
Look out for the rising sun
Whose rays are hot and bright
Hide beneath the covers
Hide from the light
Dreams are forever
their promises all right
Cause nobody knows you
And nobody cares
When you’re dreaming
In the night
TheSlayer120: awwwww
TheSlayer120: that was great
lanianela724: is it like that "special" great you were
talking about that 1 day?
TheSlayer120: yeah
lanianela724: like the retarded great
lanianela724: ...
TheSlayer120: no
lanianela724: lol
TheSlayer120: i REALLY like them
TheSlayer120: all of them
TheSlayer120: that i've heard
lanianela724: you've only seen 2
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: yea
TheSlayer120: but still
lanianela724: hey i g2g
lanianela724: and i'll let you type stuff
lanianela724: call me when ya feel like it
lanianela724: ...byes
TheSlayer120: l8erz
TheSlayer120: i will call u when i'm done
TheSlayer120: w/ my hw
lanianela724: yay
lanianela724: byes
TheSlayer120: l8erz