Kat Eyes
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2002-12-26 07:33:29 (UTC)

Half of a Convo between Blake and I: 12/17

TheSlayer120: hi-a
lanianela724: hi
lanianela724: what is up
TheSlayer120: nuthin much...i miss u:-D
TheSlayer120: u?
lanianela724: yay i'm misseded
lanianela724: :-D
lanianela724: nothing
lanianela724: i got 50 blank cds today so i'm workin on
transferin stuff
TheSlayer120: oh FUN...
TheSlayer120: lol
TheSlayer120: (SINGING) i hate everybeautiful day
TheSlayer120: sowy i LOVe this song...thatnx to u
lanianela724: YAY
lanianela724: YAY
lanianela724: thats my avorite song on the whole disc
lanianela724: *favortie
lanianela724: do you have the CD?
lanianela724: like the full cd?
TheSlayer120: just the copy of urs
TheSlayer120: i'm starting to listen to pretty girl A
LOT....so that may b my new favorite....
lanianela724: yea my friend sent me that song
lanianela724: and he said that song was written for me
lanianela724: and he got me into sugarcult
lanianela724: you burned the cd?
TheSlayer120: yeah
TheSlayer120: i listened to like half of it an i was like
OMG this is AWSOME!
lanianela724: yea
lanianela724: its good
TheSlayer120: brb
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: OMG you put this cut above my eye

Auto response from TheSlayer120: hEy I'm BuSy RiGhT nOw So
LeAvE mE a MeSsAgE aNd I'lL gEt BaCk To YoU

lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: when you threw clay at me