Kat Eyes
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2002-12-26 07:32:43 (UTC)

december 25, 2002

i had to write, mainly because it's christmas. but also
because so much has been going on and i have to vent. i
don't love nick anymore. and i talked to him and i told him
that i give up. i'm tired of holding our relationship
together and hurting myself. and its hurting him as well.
and also for another reason. i like blake avila. from
drama. and we go out, as of 2:00 this morning. he invited
me to his house for christmas eve stuff last night, and it
was great. i met his family, and i guess i saw
the "family"side of him. he isnt any different at home than
he is at school, which is great. and i'm really happy with
him. i love talking to him, and i love being with him. and
i feel horrible for what i did to nick, but i have to move
on. nick and i werent' meant to be, and thats that. end of