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2001-09-03 04:05:52 (UTC)


Behind Your Eyes 8/12/2001
I long for a night that you won't want to hold anyone close
but me. so tortured is my soul as it crys out for your
hands. your beautiful hands. so rough, imperfect, and i
want them to be mine. never before have i wanted my lips to
brush against something that i knew i couldn't hold in my
grip: you behind those eyes i see a frightened child and i
want to be the only one to comfort him. behind your
luscious lashes i see dancing. and how i pain to wrap my
arms around those sparkles and put them in my pockets for
no one else to have. i have a craving for your thoughts.
what would it be like to sit ina room alone iwth you and
braid our thoughts together? and yet there are parts of me
that want to run from the temptation of your lips while my
soul longs to taste the lust and sin that infects them. and
i want that infection to take hold of my body just to be
with you in this one moment. and yet there is an eternity
that i dream of simply because i wnat you to be a part of
me forever. my innocence is so obvious, but at this second,
so expendable. will a day come when you want to embrace my
ignorance of hte things of your world? i want to steal the
pain behind your eyes and put it in my heart if it would
only make you truly smile for me again.